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We are a young company with innovation approach to information security. Our mainstream is to provide small and medium business with reasonable and efficient solution to secure data handling and reduce risk of its leakages or inappropriate usage. We base our approach on the fusion of data monitoring, protection and analytic processing technologies that intends to raise the software efficiency, makes it easy to use and, through this, widely used. We are committed to use advanced technologies, search new ways to make sensitive information handling secure, keep privacy and, at the same time, go in line with modern trends of information technologies.

Year by year the information technologies bring us new opportunities to work unbound of office infrastructure, organize collaboration with colleagues on new level and keep in touch with friends, get access to important and up to date data at any time and any place. But so wide and amazing range of opportunities brings threat of data leakage as well. This threat, in its turn, mitigates the evolution of the world of IT.

We believe that the new technologies lead people to better life and our contribution to technological progress is our software making data exchange secure, helping people use new opportunities of information exchange and collective work and keep their privacy at the same time, share but not losing.

Investors & Partners

Investors & Partners
We truly believe that business can be really successful when talented and active people are cooperating together to make something new, something creative, something that brings its fruits for everyone. They create synergy and the synergy works for every part of the society
Investor WantedEvery dollar invested in a company on the market would return $10-20 in 3-5 years. This reason makes a DLP company the product itself and shares in such a company will allow you not only get revenue from product distribution but ensure your investments…
Our Mission … we would like to challenge the existing information threats and believe that our experience and knowledge help us to create new products more efficient to protect information. We believe that our blueprints of the innovative products would be the same effective in data losses prevention as modern antiviruses and firewalls in resisting to external information threats.

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