DataTrack Platform

DataTrack Platform schem

Includes both traffic monitoring component and end-point protection component and intended as reasonable basic solution to control web/e-mail outgoing dataflow and operations with USB mass storages as the main ways of data leakage. Traffic monitoring component looks though e-mail, web mail, web and messagers working via SMTP and HTTP protocols and detects sensitive data.


  • morphology analysis of transiting message’s content;
  • digital fingerprints matches detection;
  • personnel details detection (such as card’s details, phone numbers, names etc.) in transited message;
  • more than 100 most popular file’s and archive’s formats support;
  • postponed analysis and a searchable storage of  the transited messages copy;
  • security rules, policies and classified documents samples management at a single point;
  • web-based user interface for security incident management and alerting;
  • highlighting detected phrases and pieces of classified content;
  • automatically decision based on security policies option;
  • reporting and statistic;
  • Windows and Linux support;

Endpoint protection components are deployed to workstations and mobile computers to control and monitor data transition to communication ports of workstations and laptops as well as removable media usage. Endpoint protection components include a local agent – software is deployed to user’s workstation and laptops. The local agent receives security policies from administration portal and reports back about security events. The local agent can work online or offline.

The local agent monitors:

  • classified files access;
  • classified files print;
  • access to mass storage devices or media (USB flash cards or storages, CD/DVD drives);
  • can restrict or block access to files, storage devices and media according to security policy;
  • supports “black” and “white” media lists.

The local agent protocols security events at a local workstation, stores them in its local protected storage and transmits to the administration portal when it is online.

Key features Advantages
Works “from the box”, appropriate system requirements Easy deployment, low ownership cost
Basic Internet channels monitoring (Email, Web, ICQ) Reliable leakage prevention, one point of monitoring
Hybrid content analysis technologies (morphology analysis, digital fingerprints) Detects better, proof against noise and intended attempts to jam detector
Supports wide set of document’s and archive’s formats (100+ format types) Less probability that something important sleep undetected
Flexible security policies More possibilities of monitoring
Automatic content classification and highlighting Doesn’t require spend time to reading detected message whole. You can look through the detected pieces first
Minimal influence on infrastructure Doesn’t reduce infrastructure efficiency, doesn’t stop business services in case of the solution fault
Web-based user interface Less efforts for deployment, remote administration
LDAP integration Easy deployment on-site components, less work for your system administrators


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